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Music, Haiti and Beyond

“Ignorance of your own culture is not considered cool” — The Residents

I’m Mark Bacon, and this is my little corner of cyberspace. The quote above? Came on a post card in the “Duck Stab” LP by The Residents, the avant music outfit from the Bay Area. They aren’t my favorites, but I admire them, and agree with the quote. Informing folks about important things in music, culture, and in my travels, despite what’s swirling around us in our current, and sometimes overloaded, world is what I’d like to attempt to do here in The Blender. A blend of happenings.

I’ll be writing about music, in particular, and the world through my travels. And I’ll write reviews and make recommendations.

I’ve been hosting various radio programs on Public Radio, for over a decade now. Especially Jazz. I also delve a lot into International Music forms (not “World Music.” It’s just for the sake of companies to easily categorize some of the most relevant and important musical genres into easy to deal with divider cards, which are essentially ghettos in record stores. Like Cumbia, Samba, Afro Beat, Bollywood themes and Pop from Okinawa are all similar? . . . No, but all good.)

That’s it for now. I’m heading to Washington D.C. tomorrow, and from there, Port-Au-Prince, Haiti, to offer relief/assistance at a school, orphanage and maybe a hospital. I’ll paint, clean, some light carpentry maybe, play soccer and most important, make a kid smile. Lots of them I hope.

By the way, people have asked me about music and Haiti. Here are some suggestions: Boukman Eksperyans (voudou rock) and Emelie Michel, a wonderful singer. Please check it out.

Hey, and check out these jazz releases. New, current and worthy: Mike Reed’s People, Places and ThingsStories and Negotiations; Taylor HaskinsAmerican Dream; Steve CardenasMiddle of West; Message from The TribeAn Anthology of Tribe Records; Gil Scott-HeronI’m New Here; and The DreamersIpos, Book of Angels, Volume 14.

BTW, I host Jazz Journeys, Sundays from 1—4 p.m., Eastern Time on Hope you’ll check it out. Thanks.)