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Day One: It's Nearly Africa

arrived at noon today. haiti is an hour behind the east coast time zone. (no daylight savings time)
blue skies, blue water, blue tents everywhere seen from plane. this is haiti today. this is existing. no more. still ex-pats and returning haitians let out cheer on plane when wheels touched down. amazing pride, and manners, for the most part.
until we get through immigration control. then? it’s africa, the year of living dangerously every moment. mayhem. desparate. dusty dusty dusty and hot hot hot. “blanc! blanc!” shouted at us everywhere. even african americans; you’re a FOREIGNER. buy mister. more cops, and for once glad to see them.
not much devastation we see on the road. lottery offices everywhere pegged to miami and nyc. clothes for sale; no doubt donated, then sold. not sure of why or how. no one buys anyway.
compound an oasis. hope house. even sans a/c.
any of you asked for a t-shirt or something? no happening. this is africa . . . very close by.