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Haitian Photographs

Some folks have asked why I did not post photos while in Haiti. Lack of a camera cable is the major reason. We also tried to be conscious of one another at Hope House, and limit personal time on the computer. And there’s the lack of reliable connectivity online and the unsteady power sources.

Following are a select few images taken in Port-au-Prince, Croix-des-Boquets, Petionville—the area which received massive damage from the January earthquake, The Village of Hope school, and the countryside surrounding the school.

Three gentlemen are pictured, and I would like to honor them. Jerel, the wonderfully effervescent accordionist and assistant at chapel at the Village of Hope. Elisha, the young man shown standing in the rubble in his neighborhood in Petionville with a shirt and tie. (Haitians are far more concerned with their appearance than people in the States, considering the limits surrounding them each day). And Odney Jean, our driver, and the person I feel closest to in Haiti. A wonderful, warm and honest man.

All of the devastation pictured is in Petionville. Street scenes of tap-taps and more are from Port-au-Prince, Petionville and Croix-des-Boquets, and the lovely and deceptively bucolic countryside between Croix-des-Boquets and the frontier with the Dominican Republic. And the people . . . the lovely, faith filled and kind Haitians.

(photographs by Mark R. Bacon, copyright 2010; unauthorized use without permission prohibited)