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Impressions España

Sorry for no posts recently. Been traveling in Spain. A week to go, leaving for Portugal tomorrow, a place that has been high on my list for ages.  Some thoughts on España . . .
Spain is tremendous. I could live here. San Sebastian/Donostia has some of the best food in the world. And the Black Madonna. Ni Neu, in the Kursaal Arts Center, was inexpensive and brilliant. One wants for nothing. I would die here. Happy.
Madrid is a big city. Much like Paris, but I think better.  The big three museos have their charms. The Prado, many naked people, fighting and Bible stories. And Goya. Viva Goya. Old stuff, as some might say. Museo Sofia Reina has Picasso´s Guernica. Enough in and of itself, to see it back home. But the art relating the Spanish Civil War is genius. The Thyssen is one of the finest private collections I have seen. Think painting´s greatest hits across the ages. The streets are beautiful. Clean. Heard a young man with a guitar playing Bosco and Jobim in a park. I stopped what I was doing and just listened. Brasil and EUA still have the best music in the world. And I miss jazz.
Futbol games here are so much an improvement over watching in the States. Passion. Humor. Sweat. Love. Sex. OK, maybe not the later. But is great to see here, and beer is cheap, if that´s your thing. 
Northern Europeans seen here on holiday still buying into the worst of our culture as demonstrated on their t-shirts, etc. Sad. Not much body ink here, as in KY. That is nice.
And the European Female? Ai!! So elegant and self-assured. And dress so beautifully.
Off to Portugal later today. . .