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Viagens do Verão: San Sebastian (Donostia), España

Another gap in posting means another trip. Usually, and that’s the case this time. Actually back from my habitual jaunt to D.C. and environs, but this post is dedicated to a trip to Spain and Portugal in June 2010. It was brilliant. One of the main reasons for going was to enjoy the Copo de mundo in countries where the majority of folks revere and enjoy it. And with Spain in the final for the first time this Sunday (versus The Netherlands and their horrid orange unis), I thought I’d share images with all. Places visited in order were San Sebatian (Donostia) and Madrid, Spain, and Porto and Lisboa, Portugal. All brilliant. All filled with wonderful sights, sounds, tastes and even more brilliant people. Some of the best people on earth are in Spain and Portugal. And to my Spanish friends, congrats on the Copo Final!

I’ll have more, in detail, in coming days, but for now, enjoy the sights of San Sebastian. (A propósito, si cualquier persona sabe hablar representado mujer en el teléfono móvil, por favor puesto nos en tacto, Caí en amor con ella apenas que miraba su charla sobre el teléfono. Y usted puede ver lo que signifiqué anterior sobre mujeres europeas y estilo.)