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Viagens do Verão: Lisboa, Portugal

The last stop was Lisboa, or Lisbon, Portugal. I’m not going to do it justice. Only there for less than 48 hours, which is a crime. It’s one of the most charming and beautiful cities in Europe. The people are some of the very best on the planet, who really dig it when you attempt to speak Portuguese. The weather, and the light here, are stunning. The cities’ buildings are not very tall. So more light gets in. Light that is more akin to Morocco than Europe. The bluest skies, no humidity, clean air, and gorgeous surroundings all bathed in that light. Just fantastic. Stayed in another Pousada, the Pestana Palace, and loved every minute of it, especailly Maria at the Front Desk. A lovely and charming woman who was a great help. Again, few photos. My camera’s battery died, and I was left high and dry. Oh, if you go, Tram 28 is the ticket. And the tiles.