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Toronto, eh?

Been in Toronto, Ontario, for three days now. And never would have thought it would be 70 degrees F, sunny and blue blue skies. It’s gorgeous. So is this wonderful city, for the most part. Toronto is an international city, large and cosmopolitan. Despite a pretty hurting jazz scene. Music, in general is rather weak here. Sorry, but Dan Mangan doesn’t get it for me. Radio is kinda lame, too.

One negative I was shocked to see was how dirty the city is. Litter, and in some areas, the stench of garbage and dog shit, was oppressive. And I am in the Bloor-Yorkville area, which is quite tony. But the charms and delights outweigh these elements.

As in Europe, fashion is taken seriously here to a large degree. Boots, especially. Makes sense, this place is, to my way of thinking, akin to Magadan 5 months out of each year. So, women’s boots are everywhere, and in sizes and styles not often seen in Louisville. (No shit; fashion flies over Louisville daily.) Knee length boots are prevalent. So are those ugly UGG things. Bet the person who designed Crocs, went on to commit the crime of UGG boots. But the boot stores are pretty fun to peruse. Almost as much fun as watching people from a cafe in the afternoon.

The University of Toronto is nearby and I’ve dug walking the campus, and meeting students. Hot dogs are supposed to be great here. Uh, they are an improvement over the dirty water death dogs found on D.C. streets, but I recommend a roll of Tums afterwards. Drinking Canada Dry ginger ale here seems like the thing to do.

More is consumed, beverage wise, to be sure. Beer is a divine right, I suppose. My favorite name of an establishment is “Ein Stein,” a beer joint right off campus.

I’ll have some photos to post when I return to the States. Once again, I neglected to bring my battery charger and download cord for the camera. Sucks, especially when I walked past the great neon sign for the famed El Macambo Club. Oh well, I’ll tell you about it in person, if desired.

Too bad I am not a hockey fan. The Maple Leafs won their opener last night, and folks are stoked. And The Globe and Mail’s sports pages are full of NHL news. Thankfully, the NYTimes is available.

Speaking of availability, cigarettes (yes, I smoke; save your sermon…) are hard to find. There’s a law here that forbids merchants from displaying cigarettes. It’s easier to sneak a peek at a nipple or bare ass on porn magazines in convenience stores, than to see, actually SEE, a pack of ‘grettes. It’s effective. And they’re priced at NYC amounts. Still, duMauriers and Macdonald’s are great smokes. Oh, and they have those cute death warnings all over them. Like 50% of the space on each pack. “Each year the equivalent of a small city dies from tobacco use,” trumpets one.

Well, I’m off for another Canada Dry and a duMaurier. Keep your eyes peeled for the photos soon, eh?