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Things We Like: Deerhunter’s “Halcyon Digest”

Deerhunter used to offer recordings sheathed in noise that hid the group’s melodicism. But there’s no blanket of noise on their latest, Halcyon Digest, no gimmicks. The record leaves me with the impression that the band is ready to embark on a new path, a melodic and lyrical one at that. Effects and reverb are evident, but they only increase the album’s resolution and the band’s obvious talent. From the swirling effects of opener “Earthquake”, the beautiful shining pop of “Desire Lines” or the single, “Helicopter”, there are a ton of tracks to delight in. Halcyon Digest is an album that feels melodically honest. Check out the fan made video for “Revival,” that’s been floating around YouTube, taken from a 1940 Soviet propaganda film on reviving organs. It’s insanely brilliant, somewhat disturbing, but genius sometimes crawls under your hood.